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Significance Of Sending Your Children To Pre Schools

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Early childhood is the most vital and crucial stage of the life of a child. It is where his physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills would begin to develop. This is the most important moment where the child needs most personal care from their parents.

Part of the early childhood is the concept of learning. This is a long process and it begins when the child is born until the time he would be attending classes in school. That is the reason why there is a need to send your children to pre-schools in Singapore . One good preschool is ISS Preschool:

Proper education is very importance. It is a long process and the beginning of that process is called preschool stage. There are actually numerous of reasons why you have to enroll kids in this institution and here are some of those.

Early socialization. Enrolling your kids to these centers enables him to find and make new friends. Since there are many students in the school, he will be able to understand on his own how to start a conversation with other people of his age. And because of this, he would not be afraid anymore when there are many people around.

Intellectual advantage. Studies have shown that children who are enrolled in this institution are wiser and have intellectual advantage than those who were not enrolled. It is true that the parents are the first teacher of a child but as he grows, he also needs to be exposed and sending him school is a great way to develop his mind. Centers like this usually have a lot of games that would really test his intellect.

Early development. Centers have a lot of playtime, but know that playing could really develop the physical and intellectual capabilities of your kids. If you would send you children to school, they would learn much stuff plus he would be enjoying so much since they do the learning through playing. Also, if your kid has a talent in dancing or drawing, the center is a great help in developing that talent.

Get acquainted with other parents. Sending your kids to preschool is also beneficial to you as a parent. You would be able to get to know other parents and have a discussion with them. You may gain a lot of tips from them, especially those who have a lot of kids already. They can give you smart ideas in terms of taking care for your child.

Conserves time and energy. Sending your children to this place is a breather for you. It is true that taking care of your kids is one of the most important things that a parent should do, but of course, you also need to work to provide him his needs. When you send them to school, it would really save your time and it enables you to do your job properly without getting so stressed.

Activities for Toddlers

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Parents of toddlers have it hard as they try to come up with activities to keep their tots occupied. It is almost an impossible task, owing to the toddlers’ tendencies to put anything they get their hands on in their mouth. If not that, they have very little sense of direction and all parents will nod in agreement to the fact that toddlers have little to no attention span for activities. However, even with those setbacks in mind, it is still possible to come up with fun activities for your toddler and successfully execute them. If you are not sure where to start, here are some examples of fun playgroup Singapore :

1. Tour around town

One of the go-to activities is to strap your toddler to a stroller and go for a stroll around town. And as you go about the various sections of your town, be sure to point out the key buildings including the supermarket, the gas station, the fire station and other places that may interest the toddler. Also, as you pass these places, don’t forget to throw in some details about the places including the people that work in those places, why people visit those places and the things that people find in those places. This will help engage the sensory organs of the toddler, including sight, and also help their memory.

2. Singing vocabulary words

Singing is a great way to teach as well as to help the tots remember things that they encounter. As such, a great activity would be to come up with some funny tunes that incorporate rhyming words or simply counting, say, from one to ten. If you are out of ideas for songs, you can always opt for the classic songs such as the alphabet song. Also, encourage singing at all times such as when in the car, during bath time or when playing at home.

3. Painting

One of the most effective ways to capture the attention of a toddler is to engage them in art. Tots just love painting, be it their version of their mom and dad or the things they see around them. A safe way to have them painting is to use yogurt while painting. This way, if they put their fingers in their mouth, which they probably will, they’ll still be out of harm’s way.

4. Playing with flour

You could also pour some flour on the table and leave your toddler to explore the flour by drawing up shapes and just feeling the flour on their fingers.

5. Balloon badminton

One can also blow a balloon and fire up a game of balloon badminton with their toddler. This will keep them giggling as they try their best to keep the balloon off the floor.

With these activities and more, it is possible to keep your toddler on their toes as they engage in learning.

Home Activities For Toddlers

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Most parents have little clue on how they can engage their kids. Most of them would rather give their toddlers a gadget to play with rather than engage them. While this may solve the problem in the short run, it makes it much harder to engage the kids later on. Most kids end up becoming tech addicts long before they can have the judgment to limit their media use.

I. Create Items From Cardboards. There are lots of things that you can make from cardboard materials. These can range from a ramp for cars, an airplane, a house, a train or even dolls. This is a particularly hands-on model, especially if you are a very creative and great sculptor or designer. These kinds of activities are excellent at building your kids sense of independence, creativity, and accomplishment. You can also tape some newspaper cuttings and artwork onto the walls with dangling tape.

II. Shaving Cream. You can squirt some of the paste onto a flat surface and let the kids have fun with it. You can also add some food colouring to the paste to add personality and a great sensory appeal to the paste. You might want them to dress up in an old shirt since it’s a very fun but very messy activity for kids. The children have to be monitored so that they don’t end up swallowing the paste while playing with it.

III. Indoor Bowling. Who said you need a bowling ball and the actual pins to have fun? You can use a regular ball and set up toilet rolls or bottles as the pins. This can be one of the most entertaining games you can play with your kids. You can even keep score of their games and play a set number of games. Indoor bowling test accuracy, concentration, and competitive spirit can create a lifelong passion for bowling.

IV. Create a Necklace, toddler style! You can make a string alongside your toddler to create a necklace. Big beads would be great since they are harder to swallow. Items such as large pasta or straws would also be ideal for such an activity. This is one of the simple activities for toddlers that can build a finer motor activity for your kids. It’s also a very engaging activity that would take all your toddler’s attention for the entire time.

V. Ball Throwing. You can create a ball out of old newspapers or old linen wrapped up in a polythene bag. You can use it to create a throwing competition or to play alongside your dog, if you have one. You can play fetch or targeting. This is great motor practice, as well as an exciting game to play. These can help you bond with your kids.

5 Benefits Of Children Enrichment Classes

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If you take the time to ask a Singaporean parent how many different enrichment classes their children are enrolled in, they will often say a number between 3 and 6. Although this might seem too much for many parents, especially the ones who live in the Eastern countries, this is rather the norm and not an exception in Singapore.

Singaporean parents believe that the more their young children are exposed to different activities, the more things they will discover, learn and it will be good for their personal development.

One thing is for sure: when you’re not talking about the number of activities or hours spent with children enrichment class Singapore , you know that children are fast learners. And they are full of energy. Therefore, it’s far better for them to enroll in such activities than to simply sit on the sofa.

Here are the 5 benefits of children enrichment classes:

#1: With so many different classes available, it will be extremely hard not to find one that your child likes. From science to math, reading to languages, learning can be fun. These classes are also adapted to your child’s age.

#2: Each child is different, and the best enrichment classes tend to take this into account. Depending on where they are in school, their learning methods and among others, the enrichment classes will be different.

#3: When you think about an enrichment class, you need to think that this will help your child to think in a more creative way. They will learn to look at the different problems through various angles and try to discover ways to solve them.

#4: One of the main benefits of enrichment classes is that they tend to help students be more confident. Let’s take dance, for example. Your child will need to practice a step that is difficult. He will need to make an effort to do it, but when he finally achieves the goal, he will have more confidence. And his thinking will also be that if he works if he has patience and perseverance, he will achieve all his goals.

#5: A good enrichment class will always teach your child to be more sociable. They will need to work with other children and be a team in order to solve problems among them. And this is a great tool for the future.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to enrolling your children in enrichment classes. They will allow him to become more independent, sociable, and able to solve his own problems. Moreover, your child will have fun while learning.

How to aid your child in becoming a mathematical genius

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Every individual desires to have a child that is brilliant and intelligent. A lot of parents concentrate on compassion, kindness, happiness and good health of their children. They however also go the extra lengths of trying to make sure that they are able to raise intelligent, talented and brilliant kids.

It is however not easy for parents to be able concentrate much on helping their kids become brilliant or mathematical geniuses due to the fact that they have a number of things to cope with, including trying to understand why their babies are crying, crib sleeping or bed sharing, feeding the children as well as diapering. All of these leave parents tired and sometimes deprive them of sleep. Furthermore, several tips and hints are thrown at parents on a daily basis on how to ensure that their kids are successful and quick thinkers. There are however a number of ways to still help your child to become good in mathematics if you are in Singapore. They include enrolment at school, mathematics enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore and daily fixed mathematics practice time.

Enrolment at school

There are a number of schools that offer day care services for toddlers, in Singapore and all over the world. The major aim of this service is to give working parents a place to keep their kids while they are off to work. These schools open as early as 7.00 a.m. and closes at about 6.00 p.m. Therefore, parents can leave their kids in these places while they go to work and pick them up in the evening after they have finished work.

As opposed to looking for this type of school where they only feed children and nurse them to sleep, parents could consider schools where children are allowed to play with puzzle toys and also taught patterns. No matter how little, the toddler would have a chance of learning something at this stage of his or her life. Furthermore, it would also help in a faster development of the brain of such a child and also enhance their brilliance.

Mathematics enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore

Parents can also enrol their children at mathematics enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore, where they can be taught about cotton scarf or blanket patterns, blocks, stack cups or balls experiments as well as other activities that are related to mathematics. If the child can learn some of these things as a toddler, it would be easier for them to understand mathematics as they grow older. It is believed that the earlier children are experienced at a particular field, they would always be better than their peers who got introduced to that field at a later time.

Mathematics practice time

An effective way to become an expert at anything whatsoever is through constant and consistent practice. Trying to make time for your kids to learn mathematics, either on their way to school or with help from tutors, are great ways of helping them become a genius at mathematics.

The Need To Have A New Level Of Learning For The Youngsters

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With the changes of the world as of today, to learn has been more important than taking the few steps or uttering the word mama. This is what parenting is all about, teaching little ones in their early years. Its to prepare and discipline them as they will be growing up in the few years to come.

Generally speaking, for a child to learn this early is a benefit for one and all because then they’ll be trained. As much as parenting goes, they don’t dwell too much on the hard ones but on the basics of learning. For those who are interested in taking it, here are some things to know about it.

The culture alone is infused with the curriculum as this is focus in that area too. In this stage, preschoolers minds are enriched purely with necessary information. However compared to most, focuses on learning but with a fun filled and love for adventure activities for each child that is present.

Chengzhu Centre

Children in here is taught with fundamentals of speaking, listening, reading and writing. All four of which are very important when going to school in the much later of years. This level will be the preparation stage in which parents will know how to handle it also.

They’ll be dealing with children as young as two to six years old. But don’t freak out because all the materials and subjects they are to be going through is in equal to how young they are. So that they can cope up easy and understanding the things that surrounds in here.

And the best part is that they have their own snack and play time. Although most schools have this but this one in particular is unique. Because they have activities that can improve their social skills and relationships with other kids.

Language development is also considered too, especially with how young the audience is. The earlier stage they will be learning, the better it is for them. And as they are growing up, they will learn it deeper and earlier compared to their peers.

The improvement is much too promised because kids pick up quickly than the average age. And instead of letting them stay home, let them be somewhere they learn and still have fun. This is in fact a new way of dealing with educating ones self than the traditional one.