Activities for Toddlers

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Parents of toddlers have it hard as they try to come up with activities to keep their tots occupied. It is almost an impossible task, owing to the toddlers’ tendencies to put anything they get their hands on in their mouth. If not that, they have very little sense of direction and all parents will nod in agreement to the fact that toddlers have little to no attention span for activities. However, even with those setbacks in mind, it is still possible to come up with fun activities for your toddler and successfully execute them. If you are not sure where to start, here are some examples of fun playgroup Singapore :

1. Tour around town

One of the go-to activities is to strap your toddler to a stroller and go for a stroll around town. And as you go about the various sections of your town, be sure to point out the key buildings including the supermarket, the gas station, the fire station and other places that may interest the toddler. Also, as you pass these places, don’t forget to throw in some details about the places including the people that work in those places, why people visit those places and the things that people find in those places. This will help engage the sensory organs of the toddler, including sight, and also help their memory.

2. Singing vocabulary words

Singing is a great way to teach as well as to help the tots remember things that they encounter. As such, a great activity would be to come up with some funny tunes that incorporate rhyming words or simply counting, say, from one to ten. If you are out of ideas for songs, you can always opt for the classic songs such as the alphabet song. Also, encourage singing at all times such as when in the car, during bath time or when playing at home.

3. Painting

One of the most effective ways to capture the attention of a toddler is to engage them in art. Tots just love painting, be it their version of their mom and dad or the things they see around them. A safe way to have them painting is to use yogurt while painting. This way, if they put their fingers in their mouth, which they probably will, they’ll still be out of harm’s way.

4. Playing with flour

You could also pour some flour on the table and leave your toddler to explore the flour by drawing up shapes and just feeling the flour on their fingers.

5. Balloon badminton

One can also blow a balloon and fire up a game of balloon badminton with their toddler. This will keep them giggling as they try their best to keep the balloon off the floor.

With these activities and more, it is possible to keep your toddler on their toes as they engage in learning.

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