Taking abacus for kids To a Whole New Level

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Every parent aspires to witness their children achieve success in life, for which the foundation starts getting laid in the early formative years of education. A thorough understanding results in an in-depth knowledge of any subject; every school and every curriculum strives to attain this objective. Nevertheless, every child has a set of qualities physical, mental, emotional etc. of his own that defines his / her personality. Therefore, the level of comprehension towards any subject varies from one child to another.

Mathematics is one such subject which has since ages been posing a challenge not only in the lives of children but also for parents. Various Math enrichment programs have been devised as a part of prolonged research and study of the subject. CMA is one such institute which believes in the methodology of Abacus for kids as a very effective way to learn and establish a grasp over the subject.

Abacus makes the process of learning Mathematics not only fast and easy but also interesting and fun. CMA has developed a unique two hand four finger methodology taking Abacus to a whole new level. Making the best use of the technology, CMA has unique online learning methods and multimedia aids that has made calculations faster and easier. Also, it works on the principle that if both sides of the brain work simultaneously, learning can be speeded up and more efficient.

Study shows that an individual who has benefited from CMA learning methodology is able to utilize both sides of the brain and to the maximum capacity in any problem solving scenario through the formation of beta wave frequency. Their brains are trained to work faster to derive solutions / answers. Their logical reasoning power is enhanced and so are their mental visualization skills. The unique CMA methodology for math enrichment Singapore also helps in improving the concentration power and discipline in calculating bigger and more complicated sums.

Every individual has a right to maximize the learning and thus enhance his/her intelligence using the various Math enrichment programs that are available, thanks to institutes like CMA. These courses enable the stimulation of all the four senses, namely sight, sound, touch and imagination. This indirectly works on improving the overall personality of the individual by boosting the confidence, will power and social skills.

The earlier an effective methodology or study of practice is adopted, the more beneficial it is for the children.

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